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We cheer Debangshu's indomitable spirit and persistence

Debangshu Roy is a 4 year old boy with cerebral palsy. He is receiving outdoor services from Manovikas Kendra twice a week. He has been provided with a cut-out chair by SICW and his mother was assisted to buy one chair for usage at home.

He is a spastic child, Athetoid, determined by IICP Staff. He had jaundice 2 days after his birth. Debangshu can speak in a gurgling manner but unclear. His desire to communicate through speech is very moving. He eats everything. He plays with his brother and likes to go for jolly rides. He has been provided with a special chair in 'Udaan' special school and is very responsive and attentive in class.

Debangshu has an indomitable interest and persistence to do everything. This attempt of the little boy is praise worthy.

He also knows the names of the various colours, days of the week and months of the year. This child, inspite of being an atethoid - cerebral palsy child, has showed us avid interest in each and every activity that has been taken place in Udaan. He also has this innate desire to scribble on paper as if to express his thoughts.

He has become self reliant due to the regular physiotherapy classes twice a month under the guidance of IICP staff and also because of the relentless effort put in by our in house physiotherapist, Mr. Simpson. He can now brush his teeth of the lower jaw, can eat a few food items by himself, point out the parts of the body and name them.

His mother has been advised to tell him short stories and to ask him simple questions on them. We are confident that he will answer them!!

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