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Seminar on Niramay Scheme

A member of IICP Staff, Mr. Sourav Mondal had come to ‘Jan Seva’ to speak to the parents of the children of ‘Udaan’/SICW about vocational training that take place in IICP, where special children after the age of 18 years of age can participate in such programs. The various vocational training programs in IICP, where a child can be admitted according to his or her individual capacity includes paper bag making, block printing, silk-screen printing, front desk management, i.e. how to welcome and receive guests and develop social skills, computer training and tea-package making.

He also spoke about how the parents of our special children could make medical insurance for them up to Rs. 1 lac. This scheme is known as the Niramay Scheme introduced by the National Trust in Delhi. This is like a Mediclaim scheme which can cover a special child up to Rs. 1 lakh. This one lakh has been distributed for various services provided by the Niramay scheme and they are as follows:-

• Rs.40,000/- for corrective surgery • Rs.15,000/- for hospitalisation • Rs. 14,500/- for OPD • Rs.4000/- for Doctor’s fees • Rs.8,000/- for medical and pathological tests • Rs. 1,000/- for transport • Rs.2500/- for teeth damage • Rs.10,000/- for Physiotherapy

At first, all medical expenditures incurred for the special child is to be borne by his or her parent and then the bills will have to be claimed later, via a prescribed form which will have to be filled by the parents and sent to a particular address which will be mentioned on the form. This scheme only covers certain disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, multiple-disability and mental retardation.

Procedure and documents required for Niramay Scheme:

• Disability ID card of child required • Child or parents address proof • Bank A/c. No. of child, alone or with his or her parents • Voters card or ‘adhar’ card or ration card required for address proof • A fee of Rs.250/- initially required for all BPL card holders and ones who earn Rs.15000/- per month. While others will have to pay Rs.500/. • Money should be sent through Net banking to Niramay Sheme via registered organisations i.e. IICP. They will collect the money from the parents of our special children and then send via net banking to the authorities of Niramay Scheme. • Validity for this scheme is one financial year i.e. from 1st April to 31st March. After that, to renew this scheme fees are required. But BPL holders do not have to pay fees again. They will have to show their BPL papers. All who earn less than Rs.15000/-, income certificates will have to be shown. • Niramay Forms will be downloaded via net by IICP and the receipt after payment of subscription will come via net. • This Niramay card is attached to all private and government hospitals.

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