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Princep Ghat: The favourite place for our Children

The Monthly out is an eagerly awaited activity by the children of SICW UMEED.

This month the children went to one of their favourite places, Princep Ghat which is on the banks of the Hooghly River and one of the Heritage Icons of the City.

The children love the greenery around the place and once there, had a leisurely walk by the riverside. Post the Long walk along the Riverside a treat of ice - cream and snacks was awaiting them.

Princep Ghat offers them a great experience as they see things like the boats on the river, the marvel of Architecute; The Vidyasagr Setu (New Hooghly Bridger) towering over the Princep Ghat; Local Trains that run along the river bank and finally winding down by evening they experience the sunset over the other bank of the majestic Hooghly River.

Till the next outing, we love to see their Happy Faces!

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