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A Simple Wish

Kaushikee, Ajay, Trisha, Maya and Scribbles

It's lovely when a parent of a child adopted from us writes back to tell us how much having her child coming into her life has changed it. And what better way than to write about it and get published too. Kaushikee has just published a Book about her story and we wish her all the Love and Success.

Here's the story of the Big Happy Family you see in the Picture.

A Simple Wish by Pia Ghose

This is the story of how the author’s family was created out of love, a little magic and a simple wish. All families are special – and through the author’s eyes we hope you will see that while the path adoptive families take to becoming a family may be different, they cherish and take joy in each other as much as any family does. This book is written simply in the hope that the message of love no matter how it comes about can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

The Book is available at:

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