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A Visit to Safari Park at Rabindra Sarovar

Well it was once again time for our Children of 'Umeed' to enjoy an outing and this time they discovered the wonders of Nature at Safari Park (Rabindra Sarovar). We try to take them to a different place every month, so they can discover something new. The Safari Park offers vast expanses of Greenery on the banks of the Rabindra Sarovar Lake.

On reaching there with their teachers and caregivers, the Children were so excited and thrilled to get an opportunity to run and play on the green field with their friends.

The Rabbit enclosure got quite the attention of the kids and they were so taken up with the little creatures.

An evening snack in the beautiful outdoors was thoroughly enjoyed.

They really had lots and lots of fun and were not at all ready to come out of the place and so much so that they got back to playing and it was a uphill task to get them together when it was time to leave.

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