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Kunal Das is Striving for Success with Hope

Kunal came from a family of four. He lives with both his parents and his older sister who is working at a boutique. His father earns a paltry income working as a leather cutter in a factory while his mother is a housewife.They could barely cover their daily expenses. His parents were aware of the importance of education and did not want Kunal’s potential to go to waste.His parents were unable to cover Kunal’s educational expenditure so they approached Hope Foundation through SICW to receive financial support for him.

With the educational support and help provided by Hope Foundation, Kunal worked hard and scored good marks for his Secondary Board Examination. He then opted to study Commerce as he was interested in the financial world and was encouraged by his teachers to do so. Hope Foundation continued to support him in his education and Kunal put in the effort to improve himself. He actively participated in events at his school.

He joined M G Rungta Academy in class XI where he continued his studies. He worked even harder, focused on his studies and finally received the fruits of his labour by scoring 95% in his Higher Secondary Examination. He scored the highest in his school and ranked 28th in the entire state of West Bengal. He was awarded a trophy and a Certificate of Excellence by his school as the highest ranker. His results are truly admirable in light of his family situation and how he did not let it hold him back from giving his all.

Kunal has truly showcased his potential just as his parents wished for him and can do even better in the future. He has chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accountancy Honors. He wishes to follow his dreams of being a Cost Management Accountant and to that extent, has applied in a few good colleges and hopes to get admission in the best college on his good scores.

His parents and elder sister are very proud of him for his achievements and are indebted to Hope Foundation for giving him the opportunity to do so. They see a bright future waiting for him and cannot wait to see what else he accomplishes. Kunal is a bright and hard-working boy who is willing to put in the effort to succeed in achieving his dreams.

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