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Improving Community Health: The Impact of Medical Camps at Jan Seva by RN Tagore Hospital & Susrut Eye Foundation

Our Chairperson, Ms. Jyoti Bhatia, spearheaded a medical camp held at Jan Seva on March 11th and 12th, 2024, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. Targeting creche parents and staff from both the head office and Jan Seva, the camp featured medical professionals from RN Tagore Hospital, Mukundapur (Narayana Health) and Susrut Eye Foundation of Salt Lake.

Services included general check-ups for blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and pulmonary function testing by Narayana Health, complemented by eye examinations conducted by Susrut opticians. Patients received prescriptions and, if necessary, were referred for ECG tests. Spectacles were provided to those in need.

The camp attended to a total of 244 patients, including 177 creche parents and 67 staff members. Tests conducted included blood sugar (232 persons), pulmonary function testing (219 persons), ECG (40 persons), doctor consultations (232 persons), and eye check-ups (197 persons), with 47 patients receiving spectacles.

Another medical camp is scheduled for April 2024, specifically targeting creche parents from C1 and C2.


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