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SICW will try and identify families for the adoption of all its children, in conformation with the country’s adoption laws and policies. Where this is not possible, the Organization will strive to provide them with a childhood that they should rightfully have. In the best interests of children, SICW will provide for safe shelter, education, medical support, recreation etc. and livelihood opportunities as they grow older to facilitate independence. 

The Organization addresses:

  • Illiteracy, with educational support;

  • unemployment with helping our educational support children to be placed with rewarding jobs;

  • Medical support for the underprivileged;

  • Adoption and upkeep of Orphan children;

  • Intervention of Physically and Mentally challenged children at UMEED - SICW, Beckbagan;

  • Support for treatment of children requiring urgent Heart Surgery.

Jan Seva Social Centre (At Kasba in Kolkata) provides


  • Crèche for underprivileged children belonging to the 2-6yr old age group providing free education, nutrition and health coverage.

  • Provides professional special intervention, meals, medical attention and physiotherapy with prosthetics at UDAAN, our Special Needs Unit at Kasba to handicapped and challenged children from the community.

  • Adult Literacy 

  • Vocational Training

  • Free Medical Clinics for children under 15 years and Mothers from the underprivileged section of society.

  • Health is a major issue and we have introduced a Community Health Project.

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