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SICW's commitment to children over the last 45 years is a testimony of our resolve to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to live the childhood which every child rightfully deserves.


Your support will help us to fulfill every child’s dream of a meaningful childhood!

We have a Payumoney Account which will enable you to make a contribution right here, right now with just a few clicks. Below are various Programs for which we need your support.

Please note that for all Donations made, you will need to provide Identity Proof which could be either of these:

  • PAN Card No.

  • Aadhar No.

  • Voter Id. 

Sponsor a Child

You could sponsor a child living in our Home.


Your generosity will help cover maintenance and education expenses for the child.


Below are details of the daily necessities like





bedding etc.


  • One child per month 

Special Lunch Program

Every now and again we try to organise a Special Lunch apart from our regular meals for the children. It is our endeavour to have a Special Lunch for all the Children staying with us, atleast once a week. This is apart from the generous Sponsors who organise an outing to a Restaurant or Nicco Park and the likes.


Below are two types of Special Lunch Menus that can be Sponsored:

Vegetarian Meal

A Wholesome and delightfully tasty menu that consists of:


Any Day of the Week

Rice, Dal, 2 Sabjis, Curd, Salad, Sweet dish/Fruit


Vegetarian Meal

Non-Vegetarian Meal

A Wholesome and delightfully tasty menu that consists of:


Chicken (Wednesday / Friday)

Rice, Dal, 1 Sabji, Chicken, Curd, Salad, Sweet dish/Fruit


Fish (Monday)

Rice, Dal, 1 Sabji, Fish, Curd, Salad, Sweet dish/Fruit

Non-Vegetarian Meal

Sponsor Education

We believe in supporting children through Education and Nutrition


As most of the children are from the under privileged section of the society, nutrition is an important aspect in our education program for proper growth and health of these children. Where we find that medical support is required our own medical team helps out as much as possible.

Total transparency is maintained in the donation process and every support is receipted and deductible U/S 80 G.
We always welcome an active involvement of our Donor Organization and wherever possible a contact between the sponsor and the beneficiary is welcome as we have experienced that it is beneficial for both parties.

Below are the educational expenses incurred for sponsoring children at school and college level.

School Level

Admission & Books (Annual) - Rs. 3,000
Tuition Fees (@Rs. 500pm) - Rs. 6,000
Nutritional & Medical Support

(@Rs. 350pm) - Rs. 4,200
Administration Cost (Annual) -Rs. 1,980


Annual Expense per Child 

College Level

Admission & Books (Annual) - Rs. 6,000
Tuition Fees (@Rs. 700pm) - Rs. 8,400
Nutritional & Medical Support (@Rs. 300pm) - Rs. 3,600
Administration Cost (Annual) - Rs. 2,700


Annual Expense per Child


Every donation, however small, will be put to good use, strengthening our hands to bring a smile to every child’s life.


Exemption under Section 80G is granted for all monetary donations.



Several of our children require urgent medical intervention.


Your support could make a vital difference in a child’s life.

Corporate Support

Under your  Company’s CSR policy you could extend support for any of our ongoing and upcoming projects / events for the benefit of underprivileged children.


One can volunteer by participating / organizing any of our activities organized for the children or in arranging specific needs that may be required.

Our online payment option is available through payumoney and you can select any of the above categories to fund or you can use the following methods to make a donation as mentioned below:

FOREIGN DONATIONS made in any currency other than Indian Rupee


Bank Name: State Bank Of India 
A/c No.: 40100620943
Branch: FCRA Cell, 4th Floor, State Bank Of India, New Delhi Main Branch, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001
Branch Name: New Delhi Main Branch

Branch Code: 00691


Swift Code: SBININBB104


Donations will have to be accompanied by complete details as follows or money will not be accepted by bank as per FCRA guidelines.

* Source of funds
* Purpose of funds
* Donor Name                                    
* Donor Address                      
* Donor Country (to be mentioned separately)

As per RBI guidelines (we are eligible to recieve Foreign remittances in this Account as per Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)

DONATIONS made in Indian Rupee


Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Ac No. : 05931450000222
Branch Name: Park Circus Branch Kolkata
IFSC Code HDFC0000593


NRI's please note that if you are making a donation from a Foreign/Overseas Bank Account, it will have to be made to our State Bank Of India Account. If you are making a payment from an Indian Bank / Local Bank Account, proof of Indian Address will need to be provided.

DONATIONS made by Cheque

You can send us a Cheque in Favour of:


 and post it to us at:


Society for Indian Children's Welfare
20 & 22, Colonel Biswas Road, 
Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, 
Kolkata - 700019
West Bengal, INDIA


(a covering letter would also be great as we would like to hear from you)

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