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SICW provides a structured and professional program to address the needs of children with special needs, supported by Hope Foundation Kolkata.


Our work has been guided by the 6 main categories of Child Rights;

  • Survival and Development

  • Protection and Participation

  • Equality and Integrity


UMEED is a dedicated unit for the rehabilitation of abandoned and orphaned children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Mental Retardation, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) , Slow Learners. etc for the last 19 years.


UMEED, our centre at Beckbagan, supported by Hope Foundation and guided by Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, has flourished into an integrated program under the able supervision and guidance of  a committed team that includes an Administrator, Coordinator, Special Educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Counselors, Doctors and Caregivers.


This is an inclusive programme where along with the special needs children we also include our in house normal children.


The program has broken all conventions of alienation of Special Needs Children and brought them into mainstream society. It has provided them with physical, mental, emotional, social, and academic intervention in a professional manner.


The children are sent to regular school in the morning and we have our classes from 4.30 p.m – 7.30 p.m. five days a week.



  • These challenged children  have improved specific goal oriented Occupational, Social, Communicative and Academic skills leading to self reliance. Activities comprise early intervention and stimulation programs, fancy dress events, concerts, storytelling, academic work, art craft, music, dance and extracurricular activities.

  • These Special children have met with success with their motor skills due to regular physiotherapy and use of appropriate prosthetics.

  • Premature babies have survived being nourished, immunized and early assessments done. Medical intervention and updates have been maintained on a regular basis.

  • Adoption agencies and prospective parents have regularly witnessed the growth and development of the children as a result of which they have been more open and accepting of them.

  • Underprivileged special needs children from the slums upto 6 years of age have received intervention for the first time in their lives. They were identified at our free Leela Medical Clinic. This has given hope and confidence to them and their families.

  • At the integration level, Children are attending UDAAN program at Jan Seva during the day.


The results achieved by structured and individual goal planning and garnering our activities towards them, have even surprised us when we see our children with multiple handicaps emerge out of their limitations. Today the children are more self-reliant, confident and “ABLE” and we realize that limitations are but of the mind.

“Touch Some Hearts” says Dr. Zarin Dadina,  Chairperson Emeritus SICW. A heartfelt message, seeking your kindness.

Stories of Hope

Here are some stories of "Hope" that SICW has given to these beautiful children and their loving parents.

Music is the Universal Languge

Amrita a 12 year old girl is a known case of Cerebral Palsy with Seizure disorder and mild developmental delay.
Amrita was relinquished by her unwed mother due to fear of social stigma and dire poverty. Amrita has been with us at SICW from her 2nd day of birth.
She started her school with Manovikas Kendra, but for the last 3 years she is going to Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy.
Amrita, without having any formal training, sings very well and that we think is the greatest gift from God. She is able to grasp any tune she listens to. She also got the best singer’s prize from the Junior Academics from her school Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy.
(Name has been changed. Pic: Amrita in group)

When you're Happy & you Know it, Clap your Hands

Five year old Aurnima with Slow Mental Development and chromosomal abnormalities, was given to us by CWC (Child Welfare Committee) and joined SICW on 11.7.2011.
She had no speech with gross delayed developmental milestone. She had very poor head control and was difficult to handle.
After receiving intensive intervention from our physiotherapists she has achieved head/neck control and is able to nod her head, can raise hands, is able to clap and tries to imitate her teacher while doing exercises.
She has been attending the Special Needs Unit (Udaan) at Janseva Community Centre from September 2015. Aurnima participates enthusiastically in her classes everyday, enjoys rhymes, playing with the drum and seeing herself in the mirror.
Aurnima has a beautiful smile. She loves to sit with other students and observes various class activities. She loves to stay with everyone in her group and participates happily in group activities. Aurnima loves social gatherings, festivals and programs.
When she is very happy she laughs, nods her head and claps her hands to express her happiness. When she is unhappy she gets angry and cries which is more often than not when she is scolded.
In spite of her limitations, her communication ability through expressions is very good. 
(Name has been changed. Pic: Arunima in group)

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