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I never thought when I started the Udaan program that it would take off so well and that we would grow so fast.


Most of all for the parents and guardians who were frustrated and had nearly given up on their children, when they heard about Udaan, and the change it brings to those who come to the school it brought a ray of hope for them.


The world only concentrates on helping those who can grow up to be normal self supporting individuals, but hardly anyone gives a thought for the ones who are handicapped, for no fault of their own. Nor does the world give attention to the parents of the disabled child, who struggle for them.


This is what Udaan is contributing to help the disabled child and make them abled as far as possible, rehabilitating them, and in doing so helping their broken family with a new-found resolve bolstering their spirit, morale and faith in mankind.


SICW along with our partner in this project, Pathways for Children, are performing a tremendous humanitarian task in the City of Joy, Kolkata. May we grow bigger, better and stronger with a kind heart in our task.


I would also like to thank Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) for being with us throughout this journey.


God bless us all in our uphill task




Dr. Zarin Dadina

Chairperson Emeritus, SICW

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