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Community Health Project

The latest addition to our endeavours for the upliftment of the economically weaker segments in the surrounding neighbourhood of Jan Seva is the Community Health Program.

The programme was initiated in June, 2016.

The main aim of this programme is to protect and improve the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy behaviour taking cue from the old adage “Prevention is better than Cure’’.

The Goal is to inculcate the basic social habits of cleanliness that lead to a healthy community.

The Community Health Programme (CHP) is executed and managed under the following heads:

  • COMMUNITY: trying to get to know the families and their socio-economic status, members in the family and living conditions.

  • IDENTIFICATION OF HEALTH ISSUES: Getting to know their health history of each member in the family. Discovery of any health issues, access to which is mostly unavailable to the community.

  • GENERATING AWARENESS: Educating them on clean habits through visits and workshops.

  • FOLLOW UP: A follow up by our staff to ensure that health habits are being adhered to achieve the minimum levels of better living.

  • MONITORING AND EVALUATION: This is done through surveys, focus group discussion, group discussion & home visit.

  • IMPACT: Thus far, we have interviewed parents of crèche children in Jan Seva regarding Asthma and based on that we have conducted Asthma awareness program.

Public Health Officer - receiving training from the doctor and in turn train the community health worker on how to deal with the community.

Community Health Worker - taking the interview for Targeted Home Visits.


This is done when the patients are waiting for the doctor’s check up during the OPD clinic hours.


After taking the interviews we conduct awareness campaigns and targeted information sessions with the parents.

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