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Through nearly three decades of service and experience, The Society for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW) has gained an insight into the pressing problems of children from marginalized backgrounds.



Our vision has been in helping children from the most underprivileged sections of Society. Especially who have been abandoned and orphaned, find a fulfilling childhood with a family that loves them and provides them with all the care and support required of childhood.


We have been working with orphan and abandoned children since our inception and shortly thereafter have also taken on children with disabilities under our wings.

Orphan Children

Improved facilities and infrastructure for nurturing and care of the orphan and abandoned children and placing them with families through Adoption.


Integration with normal children has also been introduced.


Special Needs

A Unit for Physically & Mentally challenged Children.


Improving the identification, assessment, health status and Intervention and rehabilitation provided to the physically and mentally challenged children in-house and from the community.


Providing informal education and intervention to Special Needs Children and mainstreaming them by sending them to the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), who are pioneers in this field. Also 3 children from here attend our UDAAN program in the mornings at Jan Seva, where we work with the same segment of children from the community, with IICP as our advisers.



Improved health status of the underprivileged children in and around our community centre.


Physiotherapy & Prosthetics

Regular Physiotherapy and prosthetics forms a strategically important commitment to these children with disability.



Placing orphan children with adoptive families.

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