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Akash's amazing Journey from Udaan to Helen Keller Badhir Vidhyalay

Akash Halder is a very good and well behaved boy. He is unable to speak and hear. He lives in his maternal uncle’s house with his mother, maternal uncle and grand- mother. His mother and grand-mother serve as domestic-helpers in different families and their monthly income is Rs. 4,000/-.

We encouraged Akash’s parents to admit him into any Special School for Hearing Impaired children for his mainstream education. He appeared in the admission test in a reputed Hearing Impaired school in Kolkata, and stood 3rd.

At SICW Udaan, he was provided with a highly improvised hearing aid by Pathways For Children. Akash often visits our school for his routine checkup. A meeting was arranged with the personnel of Resound where Akash’s mother was present and clarified all her queries regarding the use of the expensive hearing aid. We wish him success in his life.

Akash’s journey from Udaan to the mainstream education which is compatible for him in Helen Keller Badhir Vidhyalay, a reputed school for the hearing impaired children in the city, could be achieved because of the assistance of our sponsors ‘Pathways to Children’ and SICW.

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