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Paying Tribute to our Founder

SICW and JAN SEVA marked their 5th Founder's Day on February 26, 2024, at both office locations, joined by program staff and board members. This year was particularly significant for JAN SEVA, with the presence of Chairperson Ms. Jyothi Bhatia, Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shirin Y Dastur, and Board Members Mrs. Sheela Adige and Mrs. Sarita Dhir. The day honors the birth anniversary of the esteemed late Dr. Zarin Dadina, our beloved Honorable Emeritus Chairperson and Founder.

A brief prayer gathering took place in the ground floor hall of JAN SEVA, attended by all staff members. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of candles by our Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, beside a portrait of our cherished Founder, Dr. Zarin Dadina. Since 2020, this day has been solemnized as our Founder's Day. Board members and staff shared anecdotes of their experiences and the transformative impact Dr. Dadina had on their lives during their tenure at SICW and JAN SEVA. The atmosphere was filled with blessings, and the children present served as a source of inspiration for our collective journey ahead.

All attendees partook in a communal lunch provided by the office, fostering camaraderie and unity. The prayer gathering concluded with a sense of optimism and commitment to uphold the organization's values, guided by the principles instilled by our esteemed Founder.



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