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Diwali Celebrations at Jan Seva

Children came back to their normal celebration after staying indoors for last two years. This year they looked forward for celebrating Diwali in Jan Seva. They were thrilled to help their teachers in making colourful Rangoli. The girls were, especially keen to learn the ways of creating a beautiful Rangoli. The boys on the other hand were interested with the burning of crackers. The children wished their teachers on the occasion.

While special sweets and food was distributed to all the kids, burning of crackers was the main attraction of the day. Children were made to stand in a circle so that they can see the crackers properly. Few children participated with the help from their teacher's while burning the crackers. Green crackers were used to keep up the norms as set by the government which reduced the air pollution.

As soon as the crackers were burned, each child was helped to wash their hands properly so that they could enjoy their sumptuous lunch served to them.


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