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Inauguration of our Occupational Therapy Unit at Udaan, Jan Seva

We are delighted to inaugurate our Occupational Therapy Unit at Udaan, Jan Seva on 8th July 2022. This Unit will cater to the underprivileged children with special needs, attending Udaan.

Occupational Therapy helps to identify the specific deficits in a child and suggests activities that will improve those skills and thus adjust/adapt in various areas:

  1. Self-care: helps a child to perform and be independent in ADL (Activities of Daily Living) - eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, grooming, etc.

  2. Play: helps to participate and interact with others in play, suggests modifications in position, mobility aids or modify toys to help a child to play.

  3. School: Helps CWSN to participate in and adapt to regular schools in various classroom activities and may suggest aids, special furniture, etc. for the same.

  4. Environmental modifications: helps and suggests in providing a barrier-free environment for CWSN.

  5. Helps to develop gross and fine-motor skills, may suggest splints to facilitate better performance

We hope and pray that it reaches out effectively and enables a child proactively to grow into an empowered and self-sufficient individual.


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