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Durga Puja Celebrations at Jan Seva

Durga Puja also called ‘Durgotsav’ in Bengal was celebrated in its own unique way in the classrooms of Udaan. The special educators made the children draw, paint or colour pictures of goddess Durga on chart papers, in their drawing copies, as well as on the blackboards. The sole purpose of these drawings and craftworks was to highlight the essence of the festival – the huge and artistic pandals, magnificent idols of goddess Durga, the beating of drums, pandal-hopping wearing colourful new dresses, having mouth-watering food delights, etc. The mythological story of killing of the demon ‘Mahisasura’ by goddess Durga which signifies the triumph of good over evil was narrated with the aid of audio-visuals and pictures. The children thoroughly enjoyed these activities and so did their teachers and other staff.


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