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The Bright Star Project

SICW has started a new ‘Bright Star’ education programme in collaboration with Aniruddha Sen Gupta. The aim of the programme is to support bright underprivileged girl students through their secondary education and assist them in obtaining apprenticeships with corporates. The programme provides financial aid to the students covering all their educational costs. The students are periodically counselled, and their performances are monitored by SICW education team mentors.

In the first year of the programme, we sponsored Anjali Singh and Sakshi Shaw, the two bright stars who faced grave financial difficulties and difficult family situations to continue their education. We are proud to say that with great personal determination and the support through the Bright Star programme they passed their higher secondary exams with distinctions. Anjali scored 86% marks in class XII and Sakshi scored 84%.

They both studied accounting and commerce in their higher secondary and are now applying for graduation. Anjali plans on doing Chartered Accountancy after she finished her graduation, while Sakshi wants to pursue a Masters in Commerce. We are currently looking at organising apprenticeship programme for Anjali and Sakshi through the Bright Star programme.

The Bright Star programme has provided the students to dream big and achieve their goals even in the face of extreme adversities. If you would like to support the Bright Star students through the apprenticeship programme and/or support them in achieving their higher education goals please drop us an email at sicwind[at]gmail[dot]com.


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