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KPC Medical College Students make our Day

What do you do when you get a request such as this?

To, The Administrator, Society for Indian Children's Welfare, Kolkata.

Dear Ma'am, I, Adarsh Shaw visited SICW earlier today on behalf of KPC Medical College Students' Welfare Association (KPCMCSWA) and also conversed with you over the phone. This mail will provide you with all the information regarding our initiative.

We would like to come on any day this week.Friday as you told me will be a busy day for the kids. Therefore, if there is no trouble I would like to fix Thursday(6.04.2017) as our day of visit. There will be 15 students, all Medical students. As per your suggestion we will divide ourselves into 2 groups. One for the toddlers and one for the older children.

Our contributions will include books, drawing books, colour pencils and clothes. We would like to spend a few hours with them. We also plan to do a basic health check up for the kids who are unwell or in need of one.

It will be much appreciated if you confirm the date of our visit. A basic idea about the total number of children present there, along with their age groups will be of much help. We will also welcome any suggestions for contribution from your side for the children. We are looking forward for a lovely time at your humble abode blessed with young beautiful kids.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Adarsh Shaw. Student and Volunteer, KPC Medical College and Hospital, Jadavpur.

Ofcourse you welcome them with open arms.

The College students spent time with our children today and we'll let the pictures and a short video say the rest.

We would like to thank Adarsh Shaw and his band of Merrymakers for taking time out to engage with our children.

We wish more people like them come over and spend time with our Children.

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