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Awareness Programme on Orthopaedics

The administrator of the Community Health Project (CHP) team, Dr. Janak Hartnett organised an awareness programme on 6th October 2016 in Jan Seva.

Dr. Smruti Ranjan Panda who is an orthopaedic specialist came to our organisation to create awareness among all the patients who suffer from orthopaedic problems. After he introduced himself, he gave a brief introduction regarding to problems people generally face.

One to one interaction session was held with the doctor. It started with the teachers and staff educating them on how to address orthopaedic problems and then he interacted with the patients of mother and child clinic. Dr. Smruti Ranjan Panda also prescribed medicines for each patient. During his session he demonstrated some exercises which are useful in our day to day life.

A vote of thanks by Dr. Hartnett drew the curtains on the proceedings of the day, but left all who attended enlightened and armed to take on the challenges faced by those suffering from orthopaedic problems.

The session was attended by: 1. Dr. Janak Hartnett (Board Member) 2. The co-ordinators - Mrs. Twisha Ganguly and Mrs. Sumaya Gupta 3. CHP team members – Aditi Mazumdar and Sabita Mondal 4. Special Educators of Udaan 5. Crèche Teachers 6. The patients of mother and child clinic

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