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Music is the Universal Languge

Amrita a 12 year old girl is a known case of Cerebral Palsy with Seizure disorder and mild developmental delay.

Amrita was relinquished by her unwed mother due to fear of social stigma and dire poverty. Amrita has been with us at SICW from her 2nd day of birth.

She started her school with Manovikas Kendra, but for the last 3 years she is going to Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy.

Amrita, without having any formal training, sings very well and that we think is the greatest gift from God. She is able to grasp any tune she listens to. She also got the best singer’s prize from the Junior Academics from her school Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy.

(Name has been changed. Pic: Amrita in group)

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