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Angie & Kevin Farrugia with their Little Princess Anamika


What a Journey.... and it's just begun.

Life is certainly full of surprises. We would have never guessed in a million years that we would be gifted with such a treasure.

August, 2016 we decided to fulfill our wish to become parents through adoption. A private agency in our country, Malta (Agenzija Tama) guided us step by step through the adoption process.

March, 2017, we got the long awaited call, we were match with a beautiful princess from Kolkata, Anamika.

From that very first day we fell in love with her. We were very lucky that the staff at SICW were extremely supportive. After patiently waiting for the court order and the passport to be issued, we flew to India through Dubai.

On the 4th of September our life changed instantly for the better. We finally held her in our hands. After so many years wishing to become parents, it finally happened. In that very instant all our worries disappeared... all that matters was that we were with her and she was with us.

After two weeks with her in Kolkata, waiting for her visa to be issued we were allowed to bring her home with us.

Ever since, every day Anamika is blossoming every single day. She learned the Maltese language very fluently, knows English and Speaks some Italian. She loves music and dancing and loves colours. Wherever we go everybody falls in love with her, because her spirit shines through. She is extremely loving, bubbly, super funny, very friendly and oh so determined and independent.

We will be eternally grateful to her birth parents, to all the staff at SICW, to CARA and to Agenzija Tama.

Thank you India for giving us such a precious gift.

Stories from the Heart with ANGIE & KEVIN FARRUGIA and their little princess ANAMIKA

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