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Stories of Hope: Everyone has their own rhythm and so does Deep Karmakar

Deep Karmakar was admitted to Jan Seva crèche on December 12, 2014. But after few months, he was sent to the special needs unit (Udaan) for improvement in speech and communication for an hour, every day. After few intervention sessions he was again shifted to Jan Seva crèche and was not brought to ‘UDAAN’ for a while. But his teacher noticed that the child had some difficulty in learning. So he was once again sent to the special needs unit (Udaan), indefinitely.

  • Before coming to the special needs unit (‘UDAAN’) he used to feel shy and became nervous to perform any activity.

  • Most of the time he used to write alphabets and numbers which had incorrect formation or shape.

  • Had problem to maintain the line and space while writing.

  • Handwriting was very unclear and held the pencil very lightly.

  • Sometimes he used to start writing from right side of the page.

  • He used to say thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty and ninety in place of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteen.

  • He could utter numbers from 1-40 independently, but could not identify them.

After joining special education crèche - UDAAN:

  • He has been improving communication and socialization skills. He likes to talk and play with his friends. Presently, he does some activities with confidence.

  • Able to tell rhymes, story and answers correctly.

  • Able to sing and dance nicely.

  • Now Deep can write alphabets in capital and small letters with correct forms and shapes.

  • Can spell and write words with a nice handwriting.

  • Able to count and does single digit addition.

  • He gets psychological and medical support from JANSEVA.

  • Deep can eat and chew solid food. He uses spoon and eats mixed food. He has learnt to eat different kinds of food.


Age: 6 years

Admission to Jan Seva: 3 Years

Disability : Development Delay

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