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A Lady with a Big Heart comes to Celebrate Raima's Birthday

Today Sreeparna Saha Mondal (Manager WESTSIDE) visited SICW to celebrate her sponsored child Raima's (name changed) birthday. Raima young girl Rimi, 15 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy (Diaplegic) was transferred to SICW from another HOME in 2015 through Child Welfare Committee.

She had never been to any proper school before coming to SICW. From June 2015 she joined UMEED evening class in SICW.

As academic lessons and classroom set up was new for her, she was afraid and shy during the initial days. With constant encouragement and positive reinforcement from her teachers in UMEED, Raima improved her reading and writing skills both in Bengali and English. She started enjoying her studies. As a teenage girl she has become very loving and cheerful and has grown into a very responsible girl. She helps HOME caregivers in looking after the younger children and in their household chores. She is blossoming into a confident young woman.

After observing her development and improved learning capacity, we got her admitted to Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in July 2017. Raima is very happy that she got admission in a school like Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), Kolkata, which she had never dreamed of before. She has settled well in her new environment. Now she commutes to IICP by school bus independently. She also attends physiotherapy and hydrotherapy session at IICP. Her teachers in IICP are quite happy seeing her progress. She loves to sing and dance so in future she wants to take dancing as a profession.

If you too, like Sreeparna, want to help a child have a bright future click here.

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