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Advantages of attending offline classroom education in Udaan

The Udaan children returned to their physical classroom in Jan Seva in April 2022, after a period of about two years, due to the global pandemic situation. During this period, they were attending online education carried out by our Special Educators. This was a new experience for the teachers, parents and their wards. Their parents were involved in this online education program and sincerely and ardently supported the teacher. But the children were very keen and excited to return to Udaan and often mentioned to the teachers about how much they were missing their class room, during the online days

Exposure to the outside world and being able to communicate with their peers have been a major advantage to the special children. It has helped them to socially communicate with their classmates through games and other classroom activities.

Returning to Udaan has provided them with a structured and holistic education which begins with prayer and exercises. It not only hones their academic skills but also other extracurricular activities like practicing and performing poems and dancing on stage together for the forthcoming Rabindra Jayanti function.

Direct contact with their educators in the classroom has provided further stimulation, especially to the children with autism. Visual stimulation has further enhanced their focus and attention.

Sitting habits in the specially cut-out chairs facilitate appropriate interaction and feeding habits. The nutritious breakfast and lunch provided to the children in Jan Seva, who mainly reside in the surrounding community, is a major incentive for them to attend Udaan regularly, because most of them come from economically challenged backgrounds. Meal time habits and etiquettes like washing hands, using a spoon, self-feeding, wiping mouth to stop the dripping of food are taught to children in Udaan which was not possible during the online education in their homes.

Last but not the least is the medical treatment with free medicines provided in the Jan Seva Clinic under Dr. Mary, is a big support to these children. Many of the parents could not purchase medicines during the lockdown period due to paucity of funds and unemployment; although efforts were made to deliver medicines to them. It was a major relief for the parents when the children started attending classes offline and could receive medicines without having to spend a penny from their pockets!

We all look forward to happier and healthier times ahead!


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