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Children of Jan Seva visit the Freemasons

Children of Jan Seva visited Freemasons of Regional Grand Lodge of Eastern India on 24th June 2023 to celebrate the Universal Brotherhood Day amongst the Freemasons. The Jan Seva children were invited by Mr Amarendra Kumar Banerjee, Past Deputy Regional Grand Master of the Freemasons. The children of Jan Seva attended the program, enjoyed the magic show which was scheduled for that day on the Lodge Freemason's Hall at 19 Park Street Kolkata 700016. The teacher's of both Udaan and ECCEC accompanied the children. A fabulous arrangement of refreshment and entertainment were organized for each one of them.

Our Vice Chairperson Mrs Shirin Dastur was also present in this celebration with the children. The Board Members of the Freemasonry were present to grace the occasion along with their Regional Grand Master Mr Parvez Serosh Kaikobad and Regional Grand Secretary Mr Anil Khullar.

The children received stationary items, school bag, and lots of goodies. While watching the magic show they enjoyed ice cream cups which made made them very happy. They all returned back to Jan Seva with a smile on their face.


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