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Helping out Slum Dwellers of Anandapur Fire Incident

A fire erupted in a slum situated near the Calcutta International School around the Anandapur khal area on February 25th in the afternoon, coinciding with a Sunday when most families were at home. The fire quickly spread due to the presence of gas cylinders, kerosene, and other flammable materials. Among the affected families, three children were enrolled in the Jan Seva ECCEC creche. Unfortunately, two families suffered significant losses, with one relocating to their hometown, though their belongings were mostly spared. Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shirin Y Dastur promptly extended assistance by providing essential food items (dry, dairy, protein, starch) and bedding within two days of the incident. These items were contributed by the SICW Board Members to aid the affected families. The provision of food and bedding brought much-needed comfort to these families who had lost all their possessions. More details about the incident can be found in the following link:


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