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Eye Camp at Jan Seva

On 19th July 2019 (Friday) an Eye camp was organised at Jan Seva with the collaboration and as a measure of ‘GKB Opticals' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, this was implemented as a project, namely "Better Vision Program" with SICW - Jan Seva, which includes Eye Screening and Distribution of Free Spectacles to the target group who will need Vision Correction.

The target beneficiaries had to undergo Complete Eye Testing Process which was conducted by the optometrist of GKB Opticals . These selected beneficiaries were from underprivileged families of the community, not having the resources to buy spectacles. These beneficiaries included the selected children of Jan Seva including UDAAN and ECCEC kids, patients from our Mother and Child clinic, students of the Vocational Training Program and Computer Literacy Program and lastly few selected staffs of Jan Seva.

85 patients were seen in this camp.

In order to reduce vision related problems among the marginalized sections of the society, this camp was organised to extended our helping hand to our beneficiaries as this would make them benefit to improve their eyesight. The team from the GKB opticians included the following persons mentioned underneath.

1. Ms. Arpita Chakraborty- CSR Coordinator- done Objective refraction and Spectacles Dispensing. 2. Mr. Abhash Jyoti Chakraborty- CSR Manager & Optometrist- done Subjective Refraction. 3. Mr. Samik Bandhu Banerjee- CSR Executive & Optometrist – done Subjective Refraction.

This eye camp even gave an awareness session to the selective parents on the names of the institutes that they should take their child with eye difficulties other than vision correction where they would get the operations done at free of cost for their children.

This camp will have a follow up session in Sept 2019 where the beneficiaries selected will be given a spectacles after being rechecked by the Optometrist.

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