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Ranbir can hear now and attends a Mainstream Hindi Medium School

Ranbir Mahato is a cheerful, 6 year old boy with a hearing impairment. He was brought to us at our Bimonthly Disability Clinic which is a Community Resource Centre at Jan Seva, by his family in the hope of getting appropriate support and guidance for his intervention. He was born normal and at full term and birth weight being 1.700 gms. He was diagnosed with hearing impairment at 1 and a half years of age at ICH, Park Circus, Kolkata. He is mentally a normal child. He wears hearing aids. He is also unable to speak.

He lives in the nearby slums with his parents and 3 sisters in a two room house with very basic amenities. His mother is a housewife and his father works in an oil factory and monthly income is Rs. 3200.

We admitted him to UDAAN from 7.8.2013 and he has being doing well for himself. He loves his music and dance classes.

We encouraged Ranbir’s parents to admit him into any Special School for Hearing Impaired children for his mainstream education. He appeared in the admission test in a Hindi medium school in Kolkata, and got admitted.

Ranbir has been admitted to the new School. He was provided with a highly improvised hearing aid by our sponsors, Pathways to Children. Ranbir often visits Jan Seva Udaan for his routine checkup. A meeting was arranged with the personnel of Resound where Ranbir’s mother was present and clarified all her queries regarding the use of the expensive hearing aid. We wish him success in his life.

We at Jan Seva Udaan are happy with his educational progress and his daily response to what our special educators have taught him and also quizzed him in class, despite his serene hearing impairment. Our sponsor ‘Pathways to Children’ has very generously provided with a specialized hearing aid which has made him more alert in class and he is also participating well in his new Hindi School.

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