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Sayan goes from Udaan to Helen Keller Badhir Vidhyalay

Sayan Mondal was born normal in the hospital. He was premature, born in the 7th month of pregnancy. With birth weight of 1.600 gm he was kept in the incubator for nearly a month and had Jaundice too. The area of the brain responsible for speech and hearing was not fully developed.

His father is a mason earning Rs 2000/- per month only. His mother is a housewife. He lives in a joint family with his grandparents and uncle and aunty. He was sent to Bon Hooghly for hearing assessment and was given a hearing aid by them. Though it does seem to be having problems and is not too effective.

Sayan Mondal is a very good and well behaved boy. Now, Sayan attended special education class at JAN SEVA, “UDAAN” from 5/1/2014.

We encouraged Sayan’s parents to admit him into any Special School for Hearing Impaired children for his mainstream education. He appeared in the admission test in a reputed Hearing Impaired School in Kolkata, and stood 2nd.

Sayan has been admitted to the new School. He was provided with a highly improvised hearing aid by Pathways. Sayan often visits Jan Seva School for his routine checkup. A meeting was arranged with the personnel of Resound where Sayan’s mother was present and clarified all her queries regarding the use of the expensive hearing aid. We wish him success in his life.

This intelligent child has been very lucky and was destined to have an educational career in Helen Keller Badhir Vidhyalay. SICW and our generous sponsor ‘Pathways to Children’ has been the main motivator and guide behind this success story.

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