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Success Story: Swarajit Manna

When India get's more Engineers, it is a proud moment. And when we help contribute to that, it gives us immense joy.

One such young man is Swarajit Manna who SICW sponsored for 4 years and this August he started working as a VLSI Engineer in Bangalore at Dxcorr Hardware Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Swarajit is the only boy in the family which hails from Bankura District in West Bengal. His Father is a small time farmer and while he earns a pittance, he put Swarajit through School. His mother is a house wife.

Swarajit was a bright student in school and dreamed of studying further. We helped him pursue this dream and he completed his B.Tech in Electronics & Communication from Indian Institute of Engineering, Science & Technology - Shibpur in 2016.

When he got his job, he was overjoyed. He was so excited that on receiving the news, the first call was made to SICW to thank us for giving him the opportunity to realise his potential and it never ceases to amaze us that these young minds if just given the opportunity can achieve such success.

We wish him all the success in life.

If you want to give these children such a Life Changing opportunity you can

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