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Diwali Celebrations at Jan Seva

It's that time of the year and as the entire country is celebrating the Festival of Lights, sparks are flying at Jan Seva too. It's a time for eliminating the negatives and evil and welcoming the positive and good in our lives.

So today was a fun filled day where all our children were delirious with joy, mirth and laughter!

To set the stage for the Celebrations, our teachers made a very beautiful and colorful 'Rangoli' (design made out of colorful powders).

Our special children and crèche children along with the staff, co-ordinators, special educators, teachers of Crèche and adult literacy, vocational training and computer education celebrated Diwali with different types of fireworks(crackers) emanating light and sparkle, which was viewed and enjoyed by all.

Adding to the Celebrations were Members of The Board, Mrs. Sarita Dhir and Dr. Hartnett who graced this occasion by their presence and actively participated by helping our special children take part in the festivities.

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