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One Day Training Programme and Capacity Building of personnel working with Special Children at Jan S

A one day training session was conducted at Jan Seva, Society for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW) for our special educators, teachers of UDAAN and UMEED, care givers and mothers, to build their confidence through imparting and sharing knowledge and skills. As there are many children with disability included in their main stream education, the participants who deal with them have benefited from the session and will be able to handle the children with disability more effectively.

Objective of the training program:

To give information and enhance skills of the participants and build their confidence by providing information on different types of disability and their problems, transferring skills on child handling and their management.

Topics covered

  • Types of disability and problems faced by their parents and the service providers

  • How to handle their children with disability

  • Mealtime management

  • Coping with the stress


The session was started with short introduction with the participants. Mr. Swarup Paul and Mr. Arijit Ghosh explained about different types of disability emphasizing on cerebral palsy and the problem faced by the parents, caregivers and the teachers who worked with them.

They counselled about how to identify CP (Cerebral Palsy) in a child by his or her eye movement; seizures or convulsions and by the stiffness or excessively softness of limbs and muscles.

They advised on care-giving of a child with CP by balancing his head, positioning the child in a proper sitting arrangement, that is, in a special cut out chair; not feeding the child while he or she is lying down; to make the child wear the prosthetic provided for them; to make them do the exercises prescribed for them were advised to all present in the auditorium.

In the question answer session all the participants enquired about different relevant questions. The trainer interacted and elaborated with examples so that the participants can understand easily.

  • The parents of ‘UDAAN’ had a proactive and interactive session with the IICP personnel and asked them a number of questions and were satisfied with prompt answers.

  • The parents also appreciated the fact that their special children loved to come to ‘Udaan’ school! Payel Maity’s mother was happy with her child’s progress and especially happy with her progress in speech.

  • Sanjiv’s mother appreciates the fact that after joining ‘Udaan’, his interest in education has considerably increased.

  • Tiny Anushka has learnt to raise her head and become more focused after joining our special school.

  • Aryan Shaw’s grandfather mentioned that the child often reminded him to take him to school!

  • Babu Prajapati’s mother was happy with the all-around development of the child after joining ‘Udaan’.

The session brought further hope and confidence in the lives of the families attached to UDAAN. It was very interactive and participatory and the participants were very enthusiastic.

In conclusion it can be analyzed that these workshops that we have in ‘Jan Seva’ are enlightening and helpful. It provides vital inputs and advice by the specialists of IICP which are important for our staff and parents to learn and imbibe and which will assist in the progress of our special children.

This was the second session of the training programme and the 1st one was held in July, 2016.

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