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Awareness Programme on Men’s Health and Social Awareness at Jan Seva

The Community Health Programme (CHP) Team of Jan Seva had organised an Awareness Programme on Men’s Health and Social Awareness in JanSeva today.

Mr. Patrick Williams (Masters in Public Health, University of Minnesota, USA) conducted the awareness programme with the male members of the community.

The Program was initiated with an introduction session by Mr. Patrick Williams who introduced himself to the members (fathers of crèche children) and 10 students from Garden High School (that is right next door) who were present.

A game was conducted in which the fathers of the crèche children were made to take 6 rounds in the hall where the programme was organized. After each round they were asked to pick up one chair and to take a round with the chair. The main purpose here was to see who completes the task first. The chairs were the substitute of the children.

The game was conducted to see which parents could bring up their children in a better way and educate them through it.

He also discussed about family planning.

The parents were then posed with the question of what kind of illness did they generally suffer from. The answers from the parents present mostly included stomach ailment, fever, cold/cough and asthma.

An interactive session was then organized where one- to-one interaction about their health related problems were discussed.

After hearing the problems of the parents, Mr. Patrick discussed about the problems regarding breathing. It mainly focused on the environmental pollution and smoking from which such problems arise. He then emphasized on “No Smoking” to create awareness for their better future and health conditions.

He emphasized the importance of vaccinating all the children with the free vaccination available from the government.

Finally Mr. Patrick informed the fathers of the crèche children that every month an awareness program would be conducted by the CHP team about the health, hygiene and nutrition of the children would be discussed. Education classes for the parents would also be conducted so that they could bring up their children in a healthier manner.

Total Number of Participants: 52 • Adult Male Participants: 41 • Students of Garden High School: 10 • Teacher of Garden High School: 01

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