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When you're Happy & you Know it, Clap your Hands

Five year old Aurnima with Slow Mental Development and chromosomal abnormalities, was given to us by CWC (Child Welfare Committee) and joined SICW on 11.7.2011.

She had no speech with gross delayed developmental milestone. She had very poor head control and was difficult to handle.

After receiving intensive intervention from our physiotherapists she has achieved head/neck control and is able to nod her head, can raise hands, is able to clap and tries to imitate her teacher while doing exercises.

She has been attending the Special Needs Unit (Udaan) at Janseva Community Centre from September 2015. Aurnima participates enthusiastically in her classes everyday, enjoys rhymes, playing with the drum and seeing herself in the mirror. Aurnima has a beautiful smile. She loves to sit with other students and observes various class activities. She loves to stay with everyone in her group and participates happily in group activities. Aurnima loves social gatherings, festivals and programs.

When she is very happy she laughs, nods her head and claps her hands to express her happiness. When she is unhappy she gets angry and cries which is more often than not when she is scolded.

In spite of her limitations, her communication ability through expressions is very good.

(Name has been changed. Pic: Arunima in group)

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