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Ray O'Brien believes Children are Angels from Heaven

It's always a pleasure to have Ray O'brien visit us at SICW. Here's a touching letter he wrote us today.


I know that you know SICW is special to me. There is not a day I do not think about everyone. On my last 2 visits I was truly touched by a little Asian girl I think her name was ORI. She is severally handicapped. The first year I saw her in 2015 I was so sad seeing her. I'm not afraid or ashamed to say I cried for her when I was alone thinking about her and her condition. Her only joy in the world was the care and love that SICW gave her. She was so sick and had so many problems I honestly thought that she would pass away that year. I prayed for her every night to be better when I returned home to Boston.

When I arrived last year December 2016 at SICW, there she was still in the nursery fighting for her life with the love and help of her family at SICW. I was so happy to see her again.. I do not know if the little girl is still on Earth with us or she has passed away but seeing the care and love that child has been given, along with every other child at SICW makes me so proud to know there are people who work so hard to love and look after as many children as they can at SICW. For that reason I will LOVE SICW FOREVER and the Staff that works there. Thank You for your help with everything. Ray O'Brien


Well if you're wondering who Ray is, here's a little bit about this wonderful human being.

Ray was a Truck mechanic for Ryder till he started Children Are Angels From Heaven and is the father of three adopted children from Calcutta, India.

In Ray's own words, he narrates, "In 1996 I had the opportunity to visit Calcutta and also to meet Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa touched my hand and it changed my life forever. After seeing the poverty of the people and children, I decided that I needed to help them as best I could. Soon the word spread and I had more help and donations than I could handle. With a lot of help and energy from both sides of the world “Children Are Angels From Heaven” was formed. My long-term goal is to help as many poor children as I can in the world, while asking nothing in return except friendship, kindness and love."

Ray O’Brien

President and Founder

And here's what FORTUNE Magazine has to say FORTUNE: HEROES OF THE 500

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