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Awareness Programme For Diarrhoea

The Community Health Programme Team of Jan Seva went for the visit in the field area where people were highly affected by Diarrhoea. The team members went door to door to ask them some questions regarding the problem, then the members collected some group of people specially the mothers and some old ladies with whom the team members interacted and shared their views with them.

The CHP members shared some following points with them:


  • Boil water before drinking/ add ziolin

  • Wash hands properly before eating or feeding the child.

  • Wash hands after urination and defecation.

  • Blanch the vegetables before cooking.

  • Avoid eating foods and fruits juice from the road side area.

  • Avoid eating cut fruits from the road side.

  • Cover the cooked food properly with a lid.

  • Rehydrate the body by taking adequate quantity of fluid.

If the person is affected then what are the steps should one follow:

What should a person do:

  • Avoid caffeine, dairy products, fried food, high fibre food or sugary food.

  • Hand washing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria that can cause diarrhoea. The effected person should always wash the hands thoroughly after using the toilets, changing nappies and before meal.

  • To avoid dehydration drink plenty of water by taking small and frequent sips. Ideal liquids are clear thin broths or soups.

  • Eat non oily and non spicy food.

  • Drink ORS to overcome dehydration and maintain body’s electrolyte balance.

  • The person can also make the solution at home with few drops of lemon, 4 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt and a litre of boiled and cooled water.

Apart from being busy with their regular life, the mothers also shared many things with the CHP team that how they are taking care of their families. Many families are buying the drinking water from the market but it is becoming difficult for them as it is very expensive.

There were many children and adults who were affected and got admitted in the hospital but now slowly they are recovering.

Some of them also said that they are still having the drinking water from the time tap.

All the ladies were listening to the members paying proper attention and they also said that they will surely try to practice the habits what we suggested them.

There were also many Jan Seva school students who were affected and the CHP team members visited their houses.

The children were:

  • Soham Mondal - UDAAN (Rajdanga)

  • Trisha Dey – crèche ( Rajdanga)

  • Suraj Biswakarma – UDAAN ( Chowbagha)

  • Ishaan Das – UDAAN (Chowbagha)

  • Payel Maity ( EX UDAAN Student) – Naskarhat Canal Side.

The team members suggested them with the following precautions which are mentioned above. The members also told the parents of the affected children to take proper care.


DATE: 26th FEBRUARY 2018



  • Chowbagha (WARD NO-107)

  • Naskarhat canal side(WARD NO- 108)

  • Rajdanga Main Road(WARD NO-108)

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