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JAN SEVA CHP Awareness Programme For Diarrhoea: Follow Up Visit

On 27th February 2018, CHP Team went to visit some diarrhea effected areas and conducted some interactive sessions with community people i.e. Chowbaga (Ward no 108) and Naskarhat Canal side road and Rajdanga main road (Ward no 107). We visited some houses of effected children Udaan and Creche. We tried to create some awareness regarding the problem and some precaution measures were suggested to the community.

Today the team along with Dr. Janak Hartnett went for the follow up visit of diarrhea in the areas covered by the team earlier.

The outcome of the visit was as follows:

  • Some women told that they are not boiling the water as it becomes tasteless.

  • Some of them use ziolin which was suggested previously by the team.

  • A mother of crèche student told that she is drinking aqua guard water which she is bringing from her work place.

  • Some of them are buying the purified water jars.

Dr. Hartnett also suggested some preventive measures for the community for example: Maintaining proper hygiene, child care education, health care, safe drinking water etc.

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