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Workshop at Jan Seva on Facilities Provided for a Person with Disability

Today we had a productive workshop in Jan Seva about facilities provided to a disabled person and it was conducted by the IICP Specialists.

All parents of 'UDAAN' Creche children attended this very satisfying session, which was mainly about the importance of making an Aadhar Card and Disability Card. They were told that with the help of a Disability Card, a special child could not only get bus tickets at a concession rate but could also avail railway tickets. With this card, the child would be eligible for government stipends which could be utilized for his or her welfare.

In this respect, Mrs. Twisha Ganguly gave an invaluable information that till April 1st, 2018, no new Aadhar Card would be issued until the new 'Unique Disability ID' (UDID) is being created and introduced by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Government of India.This unique number would be linked to all Disability cards, respectively in order to prevent fraud.

The audience were overwhelmed with all information provided and discussed at the workshop and not only cleared their doubts but some also shared experiences of how they had managed to make Disability Cards for their children and were deriving the benefits of it thereof.

In addition, the parents of the 'UDAAN Creche' were also informed about the importance of a National Health Insurance Scheme for a disabled person known as 'Niramaya Scheme' which has a medical coverage of Rs.1 Lakh - including treatment, hospitalization and medicines.The premium amount to be paid for the above mentioned Medical Insurance is Rs.500/- per annum and Rs.250/- per annum for those having a BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card, for the first year only. During renewal of this Scheme only Rs.250/- to paid for children who do not have a BPL Card, while the ones who have this card would be paying nothing, hence forward.

But a 'Niramaya Insurance Scheme' can be made by a disabled child only if he or she has a 'Disability Card' they were informed, thus the importance of having the Disability Card was reiterated. Most of the parents who had attended this session of interaction and knowledge were keen on making a 'Niramaya Scheme' for their disabled children, respectively.

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