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Supriti Nurses her way to Success

Supriti was a bright school girl from the village of Chandrakona in West Midnapore District of West Bengal.

She is the daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Ashok Samanta. She has younger brother and lives in a joint family. Her father, an educated farmer, found it difficult to educate the children with his paltry income though he was eager to educate Supriti, who was a bright and promising child.

With the help of her school teachers she completed Class 10 at her village. Her father then approached SICW for education support and with sponsorship from Hope Foundation she completed her Class 12 with 76% and decided to join the nursing profession. She completed her final year of Nursing with 77.5 % and took six months training at a Hospital where on completion, they were impressed with her and offered her a position as staff nurse.

Supriti is the first girl in her village to take on nursing training and become a nurse. We hope she is a shining example to young girls in her village and her success will encourage many more girls to join this noble profession.

Supriti was sponsored for five years by SICW and her family are happy of her achievement and and see a bright future for her.

We wish her all the best in life in the pursuit of Saving & Serving Lives.

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