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Awareness Campaign with Mother's on Child Health & Nutrition

The CHP team along with Dr. Hartnett went for the visit to the slum area of Ruby Hospital in Kasba to talk about the topic regarding child feeding practice and nutritional care. We collected many women of that area and spoke to them about the breast feeding and nutritional care.

We discussed the following points with the ladies:

  • Exclusive breastfeeding

  • Important nutritional facts

  • Factors that hinder successful breastfeeding

  • Methods for overcoming barriers to breastfeeding.

  • Methods of breast feeding.

  • Importance of colostrum.

Important feeding tips:

  • Allow plenty of time for feeding.

  • Washing hands before preparing baby’s food.

  • Don’t use stale food.

  • Relax while feeding

  • Thoroughly wash all the dishes use for feeding the infant.

  • Don’t give too hot or too cold food to the baby.

  • Serve the baby on a separate plate or in a separate bowl.

  • Feed the baby along with other family members.

  • Never forcefully feed the infant.

  • Encourage your baby to feed herself.

  • Avoid giving food that may cause choking.

  • Avoid distraction such as television or talking on the phone at meal time.

After the discussion with the mothers, they asked many questions regarding their child’s nourishment. Dr. Hartnett advised the pregnant women and young mothers and distributed iron, calcium, vitamin tablets to them and we also distributed some medicines to the other ladies who were present there. We also distributed some leaf lets with pictures about proper techniques of breast feeding.

TYPE OF EVENT: Out House Awareness Campaign TITLE OF EVENT: Nutritional Care and Healthy Techniques Regarding Breast Feeding and Weaning DATE: 04.10.2018 DAY: Thursday LOATION OF THE EVENT: Ruby (Near Chingri Factory) NO. OF PARTICIPATION: 18

CONDUCTED BY: Community Health Project (CHP) Team of SICW Jan Seva

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