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Awareness Programme on Nurturing Infants

During home visit surveys, the CHP team observed various problems in the community regarding the children like poor height and weight, skin infections due to vitamin and mineral deficiency, various food allergies. Even during crèche session the CHP team observed various health problems due to improper nutrition. So the CHP team planned & conducted an awareness programme on nurturing infants in Ruby (canal side) where children of different age groups were present.

On 27/03/2019 the CHP team along with Dr. Hartnett conducted their outhouse awareness programme on nurturing infants in Ruby (Canal side) with 18 women participants. The team used flip-chart to discuss different topics on problems concerning infants like

  • Failure to thrive

  • Constipation

  • Food refusal

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • Food allergy

During the discussion the mothers were asked what was their knowledge regarding the topics discussed and their responses were negative such as they used beetle leaf stem for babies to relieve their constipation by inserting it inside the rectum, they fed their infants at improper time. These responses were due to lack of awareness and ignorance. After the session, the team conducted a follow up to evaluate how much the participants have understood.

To achieve short term goals on the knowledge gained by the participants from the session some objectives were produced on the following discussed topics and the result regarding those objectives are as follows:

OBJECTIVE Improved knowledge on failure to thrive TARGET: 100% REACHED: 91%

OBJECTIVE Improved knowledge on constipation TARGET: 100% REACHED: 88%

OBJECTIVE Improved knowledge on food refusal TARGET: 100% REACHED: 89%

OBJECTIVE Improved knowledge on vitamin and mineral deficiency TARGET: 100% REACHED: 73%

OBJECTIVE Improved knowledge on food allergy TARGET: 100% REACHED: 81%

Out of these 18 participants, 85% of participants could response correctly to the topics discussed before. . The CHP team corrected them when the knowledge they have was not appropriate. 89% of participants found the session very helpful and appreciated the team to share such knowledgeable information specially because there were 3 infants present in the group. Hence the overall session was a successful one.

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