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All for the Love of her Daughters

This story involves the knowledge gained by a woman throughout a one year period from the different programmes conducted by CHP team in the community regarding mother and child health.

In the month of June, 2018 the CHP team conducted their outhouse programme in ward no: 107 on the topic Pre-natal care and Post- Natal care. 25 participants attended the programme, out of them Karuna was the one. She was pregnant at that time when she gained the knowledge regarding the topic.

In the month of October, 2018, the CHP team conducted their Outhouse programme on Breast feeding in Ward No. 107. Karuna attended the session as she was a lactating mother at that time. She was very attentive regarding the topic and also asked certain questions regarding breastfeeding. Dr.Hartnett took a medical check-up and stated that the mother and the baby both were healthy.

In the month of March, 2019 the CHP team conducted their Outhouse programme on Nurturing Infant in Ward No. 107. Karuna eagerly attended the session as her baby was of 7 months old. But she was unable to pay proper attention as she was ill due to cough and cold nd was unable to take care of the baby due to illness. Dr. Hartnett advised her to come to The Jan Seva Mother and Child clinic and get a thorough check-up. She took medicines prescribed to her and got better in no time.

During the follow up programme of Breast Feeding and Pre-natal and Post-natal care the CHP team asked her about her and the baby’s health and she replied she was much better after the medications.

“Before CHP team conducted their programmes, my knowledge regarding techniques of breastfeeding, pre-natal and post natal care methods, ways to deal with failure to thrive, food refusal, food allergy, vitamins and minerals deficiency was completely low and due to which my elder daughter suffered during her infancy as the doctors or health workers from primary health centres did not give much information regarding pregnancy to lactation period. But during my second pregnancy, when these programmes were conducted I was assured that my second daughter won’t suffer in her infancy as I felt confident after attending each session and learning about different topics which I was not aware about before, which has helped me to stay healthy and my daughters healthy.”

Karuna appreciated the CHP team for their valuable programmes through which she has gained a lot of knowledge regarding her pregnancy to lactation period. She even said that she follows all the techniques and methods religiously so that she and her baby can be healthy. She shared her immense gratitude to CHP team and also informed that the Community would like more such programmes to get benefitted from it.

NAME: Karuna Halder

AGE: 35 years

EDUCATION: never attended school but can read and write

OCCUPATION: home maker

CHILDREN: 2 Daughters (11 years and 7 months)

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