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Addressing the Challenges of Child Marriage

On 07/02/2019, CHP team went for their home visits where the team came across a case of child marriage. The girl was 16 years old and was married off during December, 2018. Though the girl’s mother was against this marriage but her family forcefully married her to a man of 25 years age.

The CHP team counselled her regarding the different problems girls have to face due to early child pregnancy, the different laws related to Child marriage. The girl was also advised by the CHP team to use different family planning methods such as contraceptive pills, condoms and also safety measures regarding their health during intercourse for STI and UTI. The girl was encouraged to continue her education so that she can make her own decisions and become an empowered women in future.


The CHP team with the counselling about different issues enriched the girl’s knowledge and wish to follow up this case study in future to see whether the girl followed the advises regarding her health, pregnancy and education.


A follow up was done after 3 months on this case where the CHP team found that the girl after getting motivation got herself admittance into class 9 and has also engaged herself into a tailoring course.

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