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A Workshop On Self Defense For Women

Background: Women of India have been prone to violence from time unknown, whether from someone unidentified or her own family members. There are thousands of registered cases where women are targeted for violence like rape, domestic torture, eve teasing, molestation, acid attack, burning and the list goes on and there are uncountable unregistered cases most of them which are covered due to powerful forces. As CHP team works with the community mothers, they have come across many women who had confessed being violated by their husbands and In-laws. In the year 2019, the team came across 10 severe domestic violence cases that needed urgent help to improve their self esteem.

Main Objective: Improve their self confidence and Inner strength

Discussion: The CHP team organized a Self Defense workshop were the 9 cases of domestic violence were asked to attend the session. Here WENLIDO Trainer Smt. Sumita Mazumdar from SWA-SHAKTI organization held the workshop where the women were given physical training to avoid any violence towards them. Training like breaking their barriers and reaching their goal, going against their pain, survival from struggles etc. In between, each training an ice-breaking session was done to energize each participant so that they can participate in the each training with full mental and physical strength. Each participant was asked to share their story of struggle and violence with the trainer where the trainer counselled them to stand against the wrong doings and empower themselves and change the victimizers mind image.

Recommendations: One of the woman participants was so motivated that she wanted that each women of the nearby community to get the physical training and have a boost of self confidence. So CHP team is planning to organize a workshop with the women of the community.

Follow up Action Plan: A practice session will be done where a focus group discussion will be held by the trainer with the participants. Here the trainer will discuss how this training has improved their life and how they are implementing these activities in their daily life. This follow up will be done within 2 to 3 months after the main training.

Participants: A Total of 12 Women from the Community participated in the Workshop.

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