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Children of Jan Seva attend Christmas Carnival

Today, the children of Jan Seva have an enjoyable, fun filled, entertaining afternoon at RELEI ground (19 Park Street Kolkata 700016). The children were extremely happy to avail the rides on the bouncy castle and bouncy slide . There food boxes were delicious and fulfilling. The Jan Seva children were invited by Mr. Amarendra Kumar Banerjee, Past Deputy Regional Grand Master of the Freemasons. The Board Members of the Freemasonry were present to grace the occasion. The Regional Grand Master Mr. Parvez Serosh Kaikobad and Regional Grand Secretary Mr. Anil Khullar gave the gift packs to the children which were filled with a Toy and a box of chocolates. Along with the children, the teacher's, helpers and other support staffs had a good cherish able afternoon, basking in the sun, playing with the children and enjoying the yummy high tea. The whole arrangement was so beautifully organized. I thank each one of your team members who have done such a lovely presentation which were rejoiced by both the adults and the children. It is an opportunity for these under privileged children to visit Park Street in this festive season of the year. A big Thank You to Mr. Amarendra Banerjee who took all the initiative, coordinated at every juncture and made the whole event a big success along with all the RELEI members.


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