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Parent Orientation Program at Jan Seva-Udaan for New session 2022-23

The first ‘Parent-Orientation’ session after the Covid pandemic outbreak was held at JANSEVA- UDAAN premises on 14/06/22 at 12pm. Presently there are 22 students in UDAAN and the parents of 20 students attended the session. It was presided over by Ms. Sarita Dhir accompanied by the Co-ordinator (Anindita Sengupta) and the Special Educators (Sumitra Dutta Talukdar, Subhra Pal and Ratna Barui).

  • Ms. Sarita Dhir introduced the parents to our Organization and our work in the field of disability and our commitment to the community and their children, and that it is their responsibility towards cementing this further.

  • The rules and regulations of UDAAN were mentioned and discussed.

  • Brief introduction of new students.

  • Various issues were raised and discussed:

    1. Maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and Covid protocols.

    2. Time of admitting and releasing of students.

    3. Meal timings and nature of meals given.

    4. Deworming of students and providing iron and calcium supplements.

    5. Disability Card, Niramaya Health Insurance (MSJE) – application procedure, benefits.

  • Experiences of old parents were shared (Roshni’s mother, Pitrijit’s mother, Purabi’s grandmother).

  • Ex-student Eshan Das along with his mother, paid a visit and shared their past experiences in UDAAN. He also presented a dance performance. Eshan is currently studying in Noble Mission (a Special School in Mukundapur).

  • Parents were informed and explained about the speech and occupational therapy sessions and also about the weekly doctor’s visits on Mondays in UDAAN.

  • The meeting ended around 1.15pm on a good note, with both parents and teachers, hopeful of working in harmony as a team.


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