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Parent- Teacher Orientation & Counselling

Udaan conducted a Parent -Teacher orientation programme on 29/09/22 in view of the upcoming Durga puja holidays. Since the lack of continuity and structure largely impacts the day to day life of our children with special needs, the parents were advised and guided about how to follow a structured routine at home considering their child’s daily activities starting from waking up in the morning till going to bed at night. They were also asked to try and make use of these holidays in teaching the basic personal skills of toileting, brushing, washing mouth and face, bathing, dressing and undressing, eating, etc. and making them as much independent as possible in these areas. Stress was laid on maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness. The importance and benefits of involving children in household activities which help in developing and increasing attention, eye-hand co-ordination, receptive and expressive skills, etc. were explained and the parents were asked to include their wards in such activities as per their abilities.

Long and regular absence from school was advised against and that the teachers should be duly informed about any such issues was also mentioned. Parents were also requested to strictly follow their pre-assigned slots for the therapy sessions.

The coordinator spoke about how the caregivers of Udaan are regularly trained and upgraded in handling children with special needs and mentioned the recent two weeks training undergone by caregiver Sandhya Das at IICP (Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy). Sandhya in turn shared some important aspects and experiences of her training especially about toilet-training, feeding and also how or what to do if a child is suddenly experiencing seizure at home besides simultaneously informing the doctor.

Caregiver of Udaan, Sandhya Das with training certificate from IICP

The parents expressed their gratitude and satisfaction about the valuable services they have been getting from Udaan- the nutritious meals, the medical facilities and especially the therapy sessions, all free of cost. Many parents shared their experiences regarding the benefits and positive outcomes they have been getting as a result of these services.

The meeting ended on a positive note with exchange of Durga Puja greetings and the parents and special educators agreeing to be in touch according to the need of the hour during the puja holidays.


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