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Prize Distribution Day for the Creche children of ECCEC

Prize Distribution Day was held on 9th December 2022 for the Creche children of ECCEC. The children who performed very well in their annual assessment received the prizes. A new category of prizes was introduced for maintaining good attendance and good handwriting. Our Honourable Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shirin Dastur and Board Member Mr. Pessi Dadina were present to grace the occasion.

Parents who attended and seated in the audience, were extremely happy seeing their children getting prizes for their academic performances. A total of 56 children passed out from Jan Seva this year. It was a very happy day for both the teachers and the parents as they shared both online and offline class experiences with these children. These children have now got themselves enrolled in reputable mainstream schools of Kolkata.

The parents interacted with Mrs. Dastur and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the such a beautiful stepping stone for their children.


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